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Weed Trek - Ruthless

(Episode 37) Views:
July 23 2018:
We meet our alternate versions from the alternate universe, with disastrous consequences. Join us tonight as we sample Whitecastle, Gorilla Glue #4, MK Ultra and Tora Bora.

Weed Trek - The Prison Moon of CC5

(Episode 36) Views:
July 13 2018:
Our away mission lands us on the wrong planet. Our ship computer falls in love with the Wilsonborg. Tonight's sample strain is "Master Kush" (yes again lol) and we also have some heat-pressed keefe hash.

Weed Trek - Takes One to Know One

(Episode 35) Views:
July 01 2018:
We sample "Green Crack" crossed with "godbud" tonight. Let's discuss sharing our content on various websites... isn't going to happen without linking to us! Don't pretend you know how to build websites when you don't.

Weed Trek - Derka Derka Derka

(Episode 34) Views:
June 23 2018:
"Master Kush" tonight! It continues to be ever-present lately but it's lean, mean and strong. Let's mess with the computer and fly our ship around the galaxy.

Weed Trek - Freedom of Speech

(Episode 33) Views:
June 16 2018:
Why do people resort to asking their doctors for poisonous little pills (which makes them depressed and psycho) instead of the perfectly natural herbs? "Master Kush" is tonight's sample strain again.

Weed Trek - The Wilson Borg

(Episode 32) Views:
June 10 2018:
Let's sample "Sour Deisel" and "White Cookies" tonight! We have a run-in with the Wilsonborg. How shall we ever survive its relentless onslaught of spinning kittens? BTW Youtube sucks.

Weed Trek - Master Kush of Puppets

(Episode 31) Views:
May 30 2018:
Youtube sucks for selectively censoring and deleting channels that don't line up with their leftist liberal libtard snowflake shariah law world-view. I was one of them, permanently banned without explanation or recourse. "Master Kush" is tonight's sample strain.

Weed Trek - Strain Cainers and Yup Yup Martians

(Episode 30) Views:
May 10 2018:
Strain Cainers take over our ship and beam us onto the Yup Yup Martian's home planet. "Master Kush" is our sample strain for this evening.

Weed Trek - Freaky Friday

(Episode 29) Views:
April 27 2018:
A shameless ripoff from the movie, obviously, but we think we did it well. Tonight's sample strain is "Whitecastle", I think it's amongst our personal favorites.

Weed Trek - The Ultimate Hotbox

(Episode 28) Views:
April 16 2018:
We hotbox the shuttlecraft as much as we can stand it with the electric hotboxer the computer made. "Bubba" and "Whitecastle" kushes get sampled tonight.

Weed Trek - Fan Mail and American Papers

(Episode 27) Views:
March 28 2018:
We get to use rolling papers with no french on the packages! From the USA. We roll "L.A. Confidential", "Rockstar" and "Whitecastle" with them.

Weed Trek 26 - Locals Welcome

(Episode 26) Views:
March 22 2018:
Do you remember the Beachcombers? Let's rip off Strain Cainers for their "Rockstar Kush" Also, if you hear someone say I'm not accepting visitors, they are lying.

Weed Trek - The Trouble With Tribble Foil

(Episode 25) Views:
March 10 2018:
"Gorilla Glue" and "MK Ultra" are tonight's sample strains. Special guest appearance by Mr. Tinfoil from Youtube!

Weed Trek - The Computer Hates Us All

(Episode 24) Views:
March 02 2018:
"OG Kush" crossed with "Lindsey Sativa" is on the workstation tonight. We think the computer is conspiring against us. Let's beam down to the Strain Cainers' Man-cave and steal their stash again.

Weed Trek 23 - We Are Pirates Now

(Episode 23) Views:
February 17 2018:
Let's beam down to Earth and investigate what is in Strain Cainers' Man-cave. "MK Ultra" is tonight's sample strain. We are looking for the Backwards Solar System.

Weed Trek - Queer Weed and Muppets

(Episode 22) Views:
February 12 2018:
"Blueberry Kush" and "OG/Lindsey" are tonight's sample strains. Shall we discuss the inner workings of television?

Weed Trek - Out of the Flames

(Episode 21) Views:
February 06 2018:
"Purple Candy Indica" is what we are smoking tonight. We get blasted out of the sky and onto Cache Creekian Five by Strain Cainers, but we nuke the UK so we're even.

Weed Trek - Total World Domination

(Episode 20) Views:
January 29 2018:
We take on Strain Cainers for the UK record spliff rolling extravaganza. "Bubba Kush" is tonight's sample strain. Will we break the record?

Weed Trek - Fake Truthers Suck

(Episode 19) Views:
January 22 2018:
While we sample "Whitecastle Kush", let's talk about the fake truthers out there who whine about censorship yet as soon as they are challenged with an alternate opinion, they behave like the very people they complain about.

Weed Trek - Eye of the Tiger

(Episode 18) Views:
January 16 2018:
"Girl Guide Cookies", "L.A. Confidential" and "White Widow" are on the chopping block to be sampled tonight. Something goes wrong with the computer and we end up in a variety of random obscure media clips.

Weed Trek - The Temporal Rift

(Episode 17) Views:
January 05 2018:
The Anderborg attacks us and reveals its inner true wisdom. "Whitecastle Kush" is tonight's sample strain. Will we defeat the Steven Anderson Borg, known as the "Anderborg"?

Weed Trek - Rick Rolled

(Episode 16) Views:
December 28 2017:
The computer replicates us some "godbud Kush" for tonight's sampling purposes. Let's talk about antidepressants and the dangers they pose, compared to the non-existent death rate attributed to weed.

Weed Trek - Cache Creekian Five

(Episode 15) Views:
December 21 2017:
We get banished to the planet Cache Creekian Five and almost perish. "Purple Candy Cane Kush" is tonight's excellent sample strain.

Weed Trek - Fight the Power

(Episode 14) Views:
December 17 2017:
We are experiencing temporal disturbances emanating from the Backwards Solar System. Join us as we sample "OG Kush" crossed with "godbud".

Weed Trek - Matlock and Microaggressions

(Episode 13) Views:
December 08 2017:
"OG Kush" is on the table tonight for sampling purposes. Looking for the Backwards Solar System and talking about loads of stuff.

Weed Trek - The Steven Anderson Show

(Episode 12) Views:
November 30 2017:
Bigtime hate preacher Steven Anderson from Tempe Arizona decided to attack us in a very hateful and spiteful manner. "Purple Candy Kush" will make it all better, join us in our mission to destroy the Steven "The Taser" Anderborg!

Weed Trek - Canada Versus United Kingdom

(Episode 11) Views:
November 26 2017:
We discuss the finer points of rolling joints in a competitive manner, while we sample "Rockstar Kush" and then engage in "Massive Bong Rips".

Weed Trek - Joint Rolling Honor

(Episode 10) Views:
November 17 2017:
"OG Kush" crossed with "godbud" are tonight's sample strains. Let's talk about how thoroughly the television soaks the brain with harmful frequencies which affect how well and clearly we think.

Weed Trek - The Nuclear Solution

(Episode 9) Views:
November 13 2017:
Our away mission turns into a long adventure, D'uuch B'gaak blows up his ship. "Bubba Kush" is the result of our efforts. Remember, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Weed Trek - Meet the Klingon

(Episode 8) Views:
November 02 2017:
Meet D'uuch B'gaak, the new resident Klingon. He seems to like weed and it sucks cruising around space all by myself so this is great. Let's sample some "Candy Kush".

Weed Trek - Husky Porn and Grow Shows

(Episode 7) Views:
October 17 2017:
"Candy Kush" is tonight's sample strain. Join me on an away mission to expose the backwards mentality Husky has, where they ripped down my "Weed Trek" poster from the community bulletin board, while they sell porn in plain sight of the candy aisle... and while a huge legal weed grow show exists right across the street.

Weed Trek 06 - Dinosaur Wars

(Episode 6) Views:
October 07 2017:
Join me on an away mission to "Bubba Prime" where I battle the weed dinosaur. Obviously tonight's sample strain is "Bubba Kush". Will I survive the battle?

Weed Trek 05 ‐ Tower of Doom

(Episode 5) Views:
September 26 2017:
I go to planet "Bubba Prime" to look for tonight's sample strain "Bubba Kush". Will I be able to endure the Tower of Doom?

Weed Trek - White Widow System

(Episode 4) Views:
September 13 2017:
Let's get in a battle with two-dimensional ISIS, they seem to have taken hostages on planet "White Widow Prime". Tonight's sample strain is "White Widow". I don't agree with the political/religious system of islam, and I make myself very clear.

Weed Trek - Lemon Sativa System

(Episode 3) Views:
September 05 2017:
I visit the burned out planet of "Lemon Sativa Prime" to obtain samples of "Lemon Sativa". Join me on the bridge for another sampling session!

Weed Trek - Cali Kush System Again

(Episode 2) Views:
August 28 2017:
Join me as I have an adventure in the water down on "Cali Kush Prime" while gathering samples for tonight's show. I look at how a vape pen works.

Weed Trek - Cali Kush

(Episode 1) Views:
August 22 2017:
I go on my first away mission to "Cali Kush Prime" to obtain samples of "Cali Kush". The transporter seems to work quite well. Welcome to Weed Trek, enjoy the show!

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